Steps India Technologies | Web Application Development
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Web Application Development

web software improvement has made a secure and static habitation on cloud nine lately. It embraces creating and retaining applications which might be used over the W3. With a huge range of IT-enabled services like HTML, XML, personal home page, Flash, JSP, CSS, ASP and so on., a surprisingly customized internet utility can be established to fine in shape in the discrete enterprise eventualities. To dominate the fierce opposition, it becomes an alarming situation for agencies to increase and enforce elite net programs which might be scalable, reliable and handy by using clients.

Cloud Application

As a cloud software development organization StepsIndia has a mature system to design, build, set up and preserve Cloud programs. every customer has unique requirements with regards to a cloud app, we paintings intently with companies who plan on shifting far from the customer server version or legacy platforms and convert their enterprise technique to a Cloud app. We create effective Cloud packages and take them to the market in a way this is both timely and value green.


Cloud or SAAS – these systems both stand for software as a provider, or now and again called “on-demand software program”. it is an internet-primarily based opportunity to the everyday software based packages. As increasingly businesses choose outsourcing computerized enterprise approaches that are vital for his or her operations, provider companies and ISVs (unbiased software program carriers) are attracted to using Cloud generation for their clients. in the course of this 12 months, there has been a considerable growth in agencies switching over to the Cloud generation.

Our offerings


At StepsIndia, we partner with small, medium, and large organisation to design the quality cloud-primarily based programs. From selection to implementation and execution, we help you push ahead to your cloud journey.


Cloud advisory and Consulting services: We help businesses develop and host applications on various cloud platforms such as Oracle, Amazon EC2, Azure, and more by leveraging our proven cloud expertise and methodologies.


Cloud Application Development Services: We study your business goals and visions, and formulate the best cloud strategy using the SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS cloud architecture ensuring scalability, security, and reliability of your application.


Cloud Management Services: We do not just develop your cloud-based applications, but also constantly monitor your ecosystem to ensure that your application meets your expected performance and reliable responsiveness, every time.


Cloud Deployment & Migration Services: We help migrate and deploy your cloud-based applications to a suitable platform, whether public, private, or hybrid, to integrate with your existing IT applications.

Custom Web Application

StepsIndia has an acknowledgment for developing progressive custom net projects that meet and surpass desires. Our specific custom net utility improvement engineers offer the absolute best level of ease of use, adaptability and entire similarity in programs and frameworks. each of our modules is intended to sound into a structure this is aware of convenience, general execution, wellbeing and reviewing. given that each association is particular with its own one of a kind particular needs, we make speculations a lot of time hoping to take in the way the business venture works so we can prescribe particular and present day choices for the customers.

R&D and Consulting

Our R&D team learns the ins and outs of your business to help you reduce both technical and market risk across the entire software development lifecycle.

  • Validate your concept
  • Choose the right technology
  • Maximize resources
  • Avoid unplanned costs
  • Innovate and ensure growth
  • Discover new business models

Front-End Development

We absorb your requirements and build a trusted, visually rich user-product relationship to boost adoption and satisfaction. Our front-end team takes it from there to nail that ultimate user journey in code.

  • A sharp UI matched to design mockups with pixel-perfect accuracy
  • A consistent UX across the entire application
  • Stunning animations and effects that don’t compromise performance

Back-End Development

Let StepsIndias architects and senior engineers get to design and build the core of your application — with an eye for availability, robustness, and great new features.

  • A solid architecture to accommodate future growth at scale
  • Flexibility to integrate with other systems and third-party services
  • Advanced data structures to provide actionable insights
  • Cutting-edge security features to protect your users, processes, and data

Manual and Automated QA

From day one, we put QA experts in the loop so you can quickly roll out features and make sure your software runs like clockwork across all browsers and screens.

  • Automate repetitive, laborious and complicated tasks
  • Reduce costs and time-to-market
  • Shorten customer feedback loop
  • Quickly improve the product
  • Take a transparent look at the progress
  • Plan and problem-solve efficiently

StepsIndia invests in excellent work ethics and actively pursues long time support contracts for our web applications. We do not compromise on quality nor will we permit our price effectiveness to ebb inside the approaches we use. all the offerings we offer substantially benefit our customers, offering their customers with a fulfilling interplay with their web site, and ultimately producing a greater return on their investments.

in case you are within the marketplace for a web application development organisation give us a call to find out how we can help construct your app.