Steps India Technologies | Utilities
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Utility Industry Technology Services

Your utilities undertaking ought to computerize forms, streamline operations and limit human intercession. You ought to incorporate geospatial frameworks, Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets and undertaking applications to oversee operations progressively. You require perceivability into resources for prevalent execution. Your physical-digital foundation should concentrate on business coherence, administrative consistence and manageability.


The StepsIndia Utilities rehearse accomplices with water, gas and power utilities to reestablish the business for tending to the prerequisites of constituents. We make a work force foundation information biological community to develop the business through new income streams. Our ‘zero separation’ reasoning encourages you explore the separation between big business abilities, dependable administration and the millennial age involvement. We apply configuration thinking to create inventive answers for saving assets, connecting with constituents, and alleviating dangers.


The open source StepsIndia Information Platform (IIP) causes you incorporate information from savvy meters, sensors, process instruments, and geotechnical frameworks. Our investigation stage offers bits of knowledge as-a-support of adapt information and oversee occasions/resources from remote areas. Refined advanced apparatuses anticipate upkeep necessities and decipher examples to pinpoint pipeline spillage/robbery/vulnerabilities.


We construct portable applications to support workforce profitability, utilizing our Skava stage. Our natural substance positions give full scale level setting and in addition bore down data to empower your control room supervisors and upkeep and repair team take educated choices.

Utility Management Services & Solutions

Your endeavor needs to transform into a computerized utility to address business objectives: dependable administration, operational greatness, manageable development, and administrative consistence.

The StepsIndia Utilities hone enables water, to gas and power utilities use mechanization and investigation to change operations and decrease cost to serve clients. Our advanced arrangements distil noteworthy bits of knowledge from business forms, shrewd gadgets and venture resources. We enable you to convey steady administration by appropriating interference, and engaging purchasers with do-it-without anyone else’s help (DIY) administrations.

Our biological system encourages the meeting of Information Technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT). It bolsters small scale age, coordinated hazard administration, and close ongoing income administration. Our intuitive dashboards track execution measurements of brilliant lattice and net metering programs