Steps India Technologies | Securities and Capital Market
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Securities and Capital Market

Renewing processes and creating new value for the Securities and Capital Market industry

Seek after advanced change alongside rearrangements and robotization to proficiently run IT and operations crosswise over front to back procedures.

Our Securities and Capital Markets Vertical gives rearrangements and robotization of IT and operations crosswise over Investment Management and Asset Servicing, Global Markets, Wealth Management, Data Management, Post-exchange Services and Risk and Compliance. Customers use our instruments, quickening agents and 30,000 man a long time of experience conveying unsurprising and reliable plan and building to purchase side, offer side and market foundation firms. Among the later executions, our answers have brought about a four-crease hop in exchange limit (for a main Latin American bank), decrease in IT framework provisioning time from 52 days to a couple of minutes (for a huge overseer bank in the US ) and over portion of billion dollars of reserve funds through an oversaw administrations program (for a main worldwide resource overhauling firm).

Global Markets

StepsIndia’s Global Markets hone gives innovation answers for Sell Side, Buy Side and Service Providers crosswise over capital market capacities. Our full suite of administrations extend from current state appraisal, process re-building, seller item assessments, warning, change arranging and plan. Customers who utilize the training can computerize forms that prompt cost decreases and meet administrative requests like BCBS IOSCO Initial Margin control, Liquidity Coverage Ratio budgetary announcing, BCBS 239 information administration and MiFID II Data Transparency. Our customers advantage from key business procedures, for example, Reconciliation, Clearing/Settlements, Client Onboarding and Risk Management being are accessible in an as-a-benefit demonstrate. We give applications that incorporate examination of unstructured and organized information to give business bits of knowledge and encourage basic leadership; close constant hazard investigation; archive preparing, association and logical hunt.

Investment Management and Asset Services

StepsIndia’s Investment Management and Asset Services furnish customers with IT and Ops change arrangements through process digitization and inheritance modernization notwithstanding the customary Application Development and Maintenance benefit. With over two many years of experience, we enable set up Follow the Sun to demonstrate bolster for front office exchanging, center office preparing of executed exchanges and back office exchange settlements and bookkeeping.

Wealth Management

StepsIndia’s instinctive answers for riches and resource administration are intended for portfolio supervisors, monetary consultants, chance administrators, brokers and merchants. These customers need to increase better end-client knowledge and enhance their warning viability while holding fast to administrative consistence. Our answers do this utilizing digitization and psychological mechanization.