Steps India Technologies | Professional Services
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Professional Services

Enhancing client centricity, making separation, building operational proficiency and cost enhancement in the Healthcare business are critical requirements. To help in meeting these objectives, StepsIndia furnishes customers with administrations and tweaked answers for judicious monetary administration, business execution administration, consistent operational change, responsiveness to client needs and procedures to draw in and hold top ability. We do this utilizing cutting edge business stages, SLA-driven IT benefit conveyance, hazard evaluation, and so forth. Among the showed results are execution change, brought down cost of operations, lessened time to advertise and upgraded client encounter.

Talent Transformation

StepsIndia gives customers an Integrated Talent Management framework to manage business needs, employments determining and labor arranging. The concentrate of the framework is on quality, cost and time administration. StepsIndia has the one of a kind qualification of being the world’s first association to accomplish People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) Level 5. The PCMM system has helped us enhance the development of our kin hones, in this way building up a program for persistent ability advancement with process change. We utilize that experience and join it with innovation to tackle irregularities in the enrollment forms, give expectations to absorb information and vocation ways to competitors, assess quality and execution and help decide execution rewards. The framework, which is sponsored by a 24×7 helpdesk bolster, likewise empowers an exceptional web based learning background modified to suit the requirements of a topographically spread workforce, in this way guaranteeing financially savvy aptitudes change.

Smart Hire

StepsIndia gives enlistment industry customers SmartHire, a cloud and Artificial Intelligence-empowered, Natural Language Processing (NLP)- based cutting edge arrangement that supplements Oracle’s Taleo Recruiting and Onboarding Applicant Tracking System. We utilize proficient NLP calculations, combined with a capable ability store worked as an Artificial Neural Network for effective screening and shortlisting of hopefuls. Customers utilizing SmartHire digitize their whole contracting process, accomplish scale and can use new business openings.

Digital Hiring

StepsIndia’s Digital Hiring arrangement improves the employing procedure for outsider enrollment specialists and their customer associations. Our cloud-based open source arrangement digitizes the total procedure, from continue passage to necessities and candidatemapping with an attention on giving an associated client encounter crosswise over channels, gadgets and spaces. We dissect and translate client feelings and recognitions and use them to customize client connections. This is joined with investigation to uncover inactive connections between groups, competitors, abilities and experience. The general result is item advancement, enhanced consumer loyalty and expanded income.