Steps India Technologies | Product Consulting
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Product Consulting

Product Consulting, Design and Development

Through different offering rollouts, StepsIndia gives end-to-end benefit bolster – the distance from ideation to showcase trial and support for item improvement. We empower customers to amplify returns in territories, for example,

  • Consulting
    We bolster customers utilizing our broad market examination on late innovation and business patterns, helping customers fabricate guides for different items, administrations and systems. We additionally join forces with customers in driving their portfolio systems, business case advancement, and in assessing their innovation accomplices and arrangements.
  • Engineering and development
    We join forces with customers in building contemporary items, gadgets, and stages crosswise over video, voice and information administrations – utilizing our protected answers for address the customer’s innovation needs. This incorporates joining forces with the customer in assessing outsider business off-the-rack (COTS) arrangements.
  • Testing and validation
    Utilizing one of a kind and licensed computerized arrangements, StepsIndia gives a scope of administrations in quality confirmation extending from giving testing accreditation to gadgets, item check, system and frameworks mix testing, and end-to-end benefit testing.
  • Deployment
    StepsIndia offers consistent organization benefits through one-touch sending suites and mechanized forms for programming applications, and deals with the smooth rollout of systems and administrations on the field, straightforwardly and remotely.