Steps India Technologies | Platforms and Software Product
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Platforms and Software Product

Accomplish speedier time to market and cost efficiencies with programming improvement and sustenance administrations including amusement designing.

StepsIndia brings its remarkable mix of item designing, business procedures and IT administrations aptitude to address the most squeezing needs of programming sellers. Wipro likewise gives Game Engineering, Art Work, Game Localization and Personalization, Verification and Platform Migration. Our attention is on advancing plans of action that accomplish quicker time to showcase and achieve higher cost efficiencies.

Game Engineering and Development

StepsIndia’s Game Engineering and Development hone fabricates the establishment on which gaming distributers and gambling club sellers see returning clients. The training gives end-to-end building (comfort, social, versatile, web) for brisk and stable discharges. This incorporates re-platforming and relocating inheritance titles to cell phones and tablets and combination with backend IT frameworks. Amusement distributers use us for:


  • Game Engineering & Development: Spanning code changes for consistence and internationalization, GUI interpretation and other dialect adjustments, database changes, Game Physics, Artificial Intelligence programming and diversion rendering
  • Platform Migration: Enabling play crosswise over channels and gadgets, multiplayer modes, single sign-on with social aps and security and protection.
  • Casino Gaming: Covering space machines and backend frameworks for new recreations/clone diversion improvement, illustrations and movement, clubhouse administration, amusement approval, confinement and consistence accreditation.