Steps India Technologies | Outsourcing Solutions
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Outsourcing Solutions

IT Outsourcing Services

During a time when innovation, in some frame or the other, is a central piece of the vast majority’s lives, Information Technology (IT) is immovably set up as one of the columns on which organizations are constructed. It isn’t just about having the most recent equipment any longer; the correct programming arrangements have the ability to impel your business forward in front of the opposition.

With tremendous experience as an IT administrations supplier, StepsIndia can create IT arrangements that convey comes about for your business. Our qualified programming designers and engineers are adroit in the most recent advancements for on-commence, cloud, versatile and web arrangements. We additionally take after prescribed procedures, so the procedure of plan, improvement, organization and support is without bother for you. By picking us as an accomplice, you can be guaranteed of a financially savvy and auspicious conveyance.

Benefits of Outsourcing to StepsIndia

Key to Expertise-

Over the most recent 7 years, StepsIndia has procured forefront ability in all the significant web improvement innovations . This is buttressed by the way that we have in overabundance of 100+ very fulfilled global customers hailing from assorted business verticals. We have a solid suit of skills that incorporate Java, PHP, ASP.NET, MVC, Ruby on Rails, iPhone, Android and so on that has given us a sharp knowledge into different business portions and their particular necessities.

First class Team –

Our 50+ exceedingly prepared and experienced IT experts are the best cabinet and prestigious for their mastery. Credit for this goes to our astonishing employing process, aligned asset allotment and best in class preparing administration. This empowers us to convey world class assets for our customers. Individual consideration has guaranteed elevated amounts of inspiration among our group, which thusly has prompted a portion of the most reduced rates of steady loss in the business, along these lines improving them get and more grounded with time.

Flexibility and Scalability –

Central to our prosperity is our comprehension of the way that each business is one of a kind and has its own preferences. Our business engagement models are composed in a manner that they can manage the cost of extraordinary adaptability to our customers along these lines enabling them to viably use the qualities of their business groups in consonance with their overarching business prerequisites, and accordingly empowering them to amplify ROI.

Insurance Of Client’s Intellectual Property-

At StepsIndia, nothing is left to risk with regards to securing the customers’ protected innovation rights with the best measures and strategies. The holiness and mystery of the source code are savagely ensured, and none yet the customer possesses it’s full rights. Bunch approaches and strategies guarantee that the information and delicate data of customer remains completely secure.

Cost Benefits –

The geographic area of our association enables us to give very financially savvy IT outsourcing administrations to seaward customers working from different nations. Our focused rates and adaptable engagement display with very talented and broad experienced assets guarantee accomplishment of your venture.

Upgraded Communication –

Being an exceptionally experienced and all around rumored IT outsourcing organization, we obviously see every last subtlety of outsourcing. Compelling correspondence between the customer and specialist organization is the very pith of outsourcing business and we consider this important in fact. At StepsIndia, we convey the best innovation in the business to guarantee that the channels of interchanges never at any point separate.

StepsIndias’ IT Outsourcing Solutions

StepsIndia offers a full scope of IT outsourcing administrations from end-to-end advancement of new programming to re-designing and improvement of existing inheritance applications.


StepsIndia renders item designing arrangements that coordinate with our worldwide conveyance model to empower you to lessen time-to-market and remain in front of the opposition.


StepsIndia has been putting forth excellent oversaw IT administrations to its tip top customers comprising of huge endeavors and fortune 1000 organizations.


StepsIndia’s distributed computing arrangements have developed as a promising arrangement, equipped for conquering any hindrance between business desires and IT capacities.


StepsIndia connects with its customers in different adaptable ways utilizing our refined engagement models to oversee customer prerequisites that could be one-time or on-going multi-year ventures.


StepsIndia’s devoted groups show (DTM) offers customers’ a simple and financially savvy answer for drawing in various types of specialized assets to supplement their business prerequisites.