Steps India Technologies | Online-advertising-services
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Web based Marketing assumes a basic part in general showcasing blend of an association, as the level of web customer spending develops, an ever increasing number of organizations are assigning segments of their financial plans to internet publicizing.


Being seen by your group of onlookers is just a large portion of the fight won. To drive degree of profitability or profit for promoting spend, an intensive and broadened web based publicizing methodology must be set up, one that consolidates PPC, PPA, PPI and online networking advertising strategies for ideal execution of the battle.

StepsIndia gives a coordinated web based publicizing efforts that opens to planned purchasers. Once a battle starts, we track correlated data, for example, activity, changes and client conduct. Our way to deal with web based promoting joins inventive informing with required back-end examination, to perceive what’s working and what could work better.

We specialize in various forms of online advertising including:


  • Pay Per Click
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Pay Per Acquisition
  • Pay Per Impression
  • Local Search Advertising
  • Text Link Advertising
  • Banner Ads
  • Web Video Advertising

Our Online Advertising administrations include:

Online Ad Strategy

Before investing energy, we figure out which PPC motors (Yahoo, Google, MSN, Ask and so forth.) and banner ad organizes (DART, day in and day out, Blogosphere, and so forth.) are generally appropriate. Target spending plans for PPC and PPI crusades are set, while thoughts for innovative and special battles are imagined and sorted out.

Media Planning and Placement

Happening at the same time with ad strategy, online media planning and placement is utilized in a continuous exertion. It ties in intimately with examination to figure out which systems, innovative ads and catchphrases are yielding the best transformation rates.

Offer Management

Encourages offering and controls spending plans on a large number of catchphrase phrases for all of web indexes.


It’s a logical certainty the wording of titles and portrayals impacts navigate rates, particularly for paid hunts. For instance, utilizing similar titles and depictions for “autos” and “utilized autos” is an exemplary error and lost focusing on circumstance. Tedious as it may be, StepsIndia investigations with varieties and composes focused on copy for every watchword expression to guarantee ideal customer advantage.

Rich Media Banner Design

Development and cooperation inside banner ads draws in higher navigate rates. The objective is to design a progression of intuitive banner ads with respect to various kinds of items. This gets the customer into purchaser brain research and behavioral focusing on.