Steps India Technologies | Network Equipment Provider
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Network Equipment Provider

Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) turn to StepsIndia’s R&D Consulting practice for intellectual capital and the latest technology infrastructure to accelerate innovation and address new markets and segments. The practice delivers Products Strategy (portfolio rationalization, software and services), Multi-vendor Consulting and System Integration (IoT, POC and security assessment and design), Vertical Market Solutions (product requirement analysis, channel strategies etc.), Strategic Planning (roadmaps, competitive landscape assessment and response, adjacent market evaluation, nascent technology strategy, etc.) and Operations Improvement (PDLC transformation, infrastructure rationalization, quality, labs and tools consolidation, supply chain transformation, etc.). Using our R&D Consulting practice is the ideal way to leverage R&D budgets for maximum gain and remain relevant in the telecom space.

StepsIndia’s Mobile Device arrangements deal with the assorted variety and multifaceted nature of frame factors, working frameworks, innovations and applications for huge semiconductor sellers, handset OEMs, telecom and versatile specialist organizations and portable application specialist organizations. We change the way endeavors work together by coordinating rapid LTE systems, Open Source stages, GPS beacons, sensors, Augmented Reality and compact and wearable innovation. The arrangements incorporate improvement, customization and testing of long range interpersonal communication applications, content download, cloud administrations, area based administrations, communication, network, informing, email, texting, imaging and gaming alongside UI coordination and confirmation of use programming. Portable administrators utilizing our answers lead with advancement to enhance profitability, bring down administration expenses and meet client desires.