Steps India Technologies | Medical Devices
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Medical Devices

Our Expertise

Assemble esteem and drive comfort through imaginative restorative gadget innovation For the restorative gadgets portion in the human services industry, StepIndia gives advancement around programming, mechanical and electronic building to configuration, create and approve another age of associated items. Our associated wellbeing gadgets are assembled utilizing remote advances, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence stages

The Trend of M2M Connectivity

The medical devices industry has traditionally allowed much of the data it collects to go unused. However, it is now waking up to the opportunities and is beginning to consider the possible benefits of investing in M2M data analytics. In addition, policy incentives, pressure to deliver more with less and fixing accountability for care is transforming the healthcare industry and driving a renewed interest in leveraging M2M data.



New technologies are being introduced in hospitals and labs at an ever-increasing rate, and many of these innovations have the potential to interact synergistically if they can be integrated effectively. The need for “plug-and-play” interoperability – the ability to take a medical device out of its box and easily make it work with one’s other devices or applications– has attracted great attention from both healthcare providers and industry.

EMRGateway is one such software solution that automates the process of data capture by connecting simultaneously to various health, fitness, laboratory, medical devices enabling seamless and flexible connectivity with any clinical system in the hospital IT infrastructure (EIS, HIS, Therapy specific desktop application etc). The solution supports device connectivity by interfacing with devices that use proprietary as well as standard based protocols (IEEE 11073/x73) while it uses HL7 for integration with clinical application.