Steps India Technologies | Legacy Application Migration
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Legacy Application Migration

Legacy Application Modernization & Migration Services

Our expertise in legacy and new-age technologies as well as experience across industries and domains helps us to manage enterprise application migration and modernization successfully and seamlessly.

Studies show that over 70% applications of the world are still on Mainframe and Legacy systems, and most businesses are in a desperate need to modernize and upgrade their IT applications environment. StepsIndia Technologies Application Migration, Re-engineering & Modernization services help customers to modernize and migrate from older platforms to newer ones with minimum risks. We have effectively modernized legacy applications by improving operational efficiency, reducing the cost of doing business and improving information assets. We have a proven track record of successfully modernizing large mission-critical mainframe and legacy system projects.

In today’s global marketplace, with technology advancing at a fast pace, businesses need to retain their competitive edge by investing in newer technologies that result in higher efficiency and productivity. We partner with you to ensure that this migration results in minimum service or operational disruptions and no loss of business critical data. Projects have included re-engineering of software to migrate applications legacy systems to three-tier web or cloud based architectures from existing applications to other OS or to upgrade backend databases.


We help our clients in replacing the bottlenecks and redundant processes of the legacy applications with far efficient, productive and stakeholder oriented solutions. Among our core competencies in this domain include:


  • Legacy Application Re-Design/ Re-Transform/ Re-Engineer
  • Migration to Multiple Databases, Data Servers
  • Migration to Web Platforms
  • Same Platform Migration
  • Migration across Different Platforms
  • GUI Migration
  • Application Implementation
  • Application Training & Maintenance and Support


Our Approach for Migrating your legacy applications

We abide by competent processes and methodologies to upgrade legacy applications and make them convenient enough to be used in sync with latest technologies. Our main steps toward this craved purpose include:


  • Legacy Assessment and Analysis: This comprises a detailed analysis of the existing legacy system that includes its limitations, processes and dependencies that need a re-architectural overhaul.
  • Defining Legacy Architecture: This step involves a detailed analysis of different levels of abstraction and interaction of the existing application. It assists us in design simplification and is followed by charting of analysis.
  • Wrapper Class Development: It plays an effective role in establishing communication between existing legacy system and web based application.
  • Transformation to Web GUI: The final step of our legacy system migration methodology involves mapping of legacy UI with the web enabled GUI, which is to be incorporated in the web application.

Advantages of Legacy Application Migration

Benefits of Our Legacy Application Migration Services


  • Cost Reduction: Much reduced application operating cost
  • Easy Installation: Simple and quick installation of migrated application
  • Better Functionality: Improved functionality, adhering to contemporary business specific needs
  • Enhanced UX/UI: Better user experience and appealing user interface
  • Client Satisfaction: Accomplished services, leading to maximum client satisfaction
  • Prompt Decision Making: Quicker and more efficient decision making, paving way for efficient business processes