Steps India Technologies | Java (J2EE/J2ME) Solutions
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Java (J2EE/J2ME) Solutions

Java (J2EE/J2ME) Software Development Solutions

StepsIndia Technologies is well-known for its knowledge and skills in Java / J2EE solutions. Our Java web and application development services offer complete support throughout the different levels of the development phase, from conceptualization to implementation of the project. We offer development and design services that can employ effectively the solutions available from the J2EE framework and Java application servers, involving JDBC, Java’s messaging, Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Server Pages, Servlets and Struts.

Java and J2EE platform renders a plethora of features to fulfill the demands of various businesses. Projects developed by our experts offer reduced time to market and flexible and versatile applications.

At StepsIndia, we boast of our efficient Java/ J2EE solutions that deliver the best out of a website. There are reasons our customers and partners rely on us time and again, when it comes to custom website development where some of them include reliable technical support, expert developers, competitive pricing and so much more.

We make sure that our Java development services cater you the best solution for the long run by offering maintenance and support services. We also have quality analyst team that has years of experience in testing that ensure the smooth delivery of your projects.



Client-Side Development
Applets AWT JavaBeans JavaFX Javascript Media Swing

Core Java Technology
Collections I18N IO JavaLanguage JNI Linux Mac Networking Security Serialization Threads

J2ME JavaCard JINI

Java Tools
ANT ANTLR AppServer Eclipse Hibernate IntellijIDEA JBuilder JUnit Log4j Lucene NetBeans Spring Struts Tomcat Tools VAJ

Agile Patterns Process UML XProgramming


Mobile Media API

Server-Side Development
Corba EJB JavaMail JDBC JMS JMX JNDI JPA JSF JSP RMI Servlets Transactions

Web Services

We Support working in Java technology from following fields.

We suggest our clients
in managing the whole project life-cycle managing its parts – for example test management, or roadmap preparation and costing – or in detailed delivery of any of the project phases. Typical large scale projects in which we are involved, are composed of the following phases: