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Internet Marketing

The Best Internet Marketing Services

With about 3.58 billion people using the internet, finding the right online marketing service is a vital task for any business. The right PPC marketing or online service could help potential customers find your website. Using the wrong service could result in loss of sales, misconnections with potentially valuable customers and money spent on unsuccessful marketing campaigns.

From dedicated account managers to Google AdWords, there are a variety of features and offerings to evaluate before choosing an online marketing service. To help you find the right one, we evaluated more than 30 online marketing services to come up with our recommendations.

In this guide, we highlight key features, how much you should expect to pay and the best services for different needs. Act-On, CallidusCloud, eBrandz and Silverback Strategies are our best picks. You can read about each below, including what features impressed us.

What Else Is Important in Selecting a PPC Service?

Ad Design

Most paid advertisements are text ads, without images or any form of media, but you also have the option to buy rich media ads. Rich media ads contain videos or images, or they require some type of user interaction.


Rich media ads can draw a bigger response from your audience. When the goal is to encourage click-throughs, rich media ads can help you engage your users at much higher rates than traditional text ads.


Not all PPC companies will help you design rich media ads. Some companies that do not provide rich media ad creation will refer you to a designer they have collaborated with in the past. This is useful and saves you the time of searching out a designer on your own. Other companies leave it up to you to choose a designer and will then market whatever ad you have created. You have a range of options for rich media ad creation, giving you the ability to choose a method that best fits your budget.


Landing Page Optimization

Even the best pay per click advertising cannot convert clicks into sales if the page consumers go to is not well designed. The best way to turn clicks into leads, and then sales, is to drive traffic not to your homepage but to a landing page.


A landing page should be straight to the point with a call to action. While your homepage might full of important information about your company, homepages are often too crowded, dense and too information heavy for consumers. If there is too much information present, consumers are less likely to take action.


To ensure the best return on investment, the page that your ads lead to should be specially designed to pull your visitors into action. Landing pages should have calls to action and the tools your visitors need to take action then and there. Once visitors leave your landing page, the chances of them taking action have dropped dramatically.


StepsIndia is one company on our lineup that helps you create the best landing page for your PPC campaign. This company conducts a survey of your landing page to evaluate how well it will work and engage your audience. It then gives advice and helps you fine-tune your landing page. provides several services to help you optimize your landing page, including content creation, page design, layout and structure, and potential site problems.