Steps India Technologies | Engagement Models
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Engagement Models

StepsIndia takes after a complex technique in conveying its administrations. A strong and intense engagement demonstrate is the establishment for a successful seaward affair. Our engagement display is very focused toward satisfying client’s natural needs like:

  • High Quality
  • Fast Delivery
  • Low Cost
  • Increased project profitability
  • Flexible resource Allocation
  • Predictable support
  • Handling future needs of the customer


StepsIndia’s customers and accomplices hugely advantage with its one of a kind engagement display which sets up a dedication toward an effective undertaking appropriate from the arranging stage to conveyance stage. We take after the accompanying standard engagement models as honed by the main specialist co-ops all inclusive:

One Time, One Cost


Also known as Fixed Duration or Fixed Cost or Budget Model, this engagement model has been proven to be quite beneficial for small and mid-size projects. The model is most suitable for low-budget projects where requirements do not change till the end. Choose this model, if:

  • You need to complete a project in limited time frame, or
  • You have financial constraints, or
  • You are just about to begin a new venture

Time And Materials (T&M)


Under this model, our employees will work on your project on an hourly basis. The employees dedicatedly work on your project and follow your instructions. Such projects generally have scope for addition of new feature and technologies on-the-go. Choose this model, if:

  • You have a conceptualized plan and want to execute the same under your guidance, or
  • You have already started a project, but want to make some changes or customize it, or
  • You face some troubles while executing your ongoing project, or
  • You need help of a professional during a project development life cycle

Hire Dedicated Resources

Under this engagement model, StepsIndia assigns its project managers, developer & testers, special consultants etc. for your project dedicatedly. We have excellent infrastructure and resources to meet your project requirements. This model offers cost-effective resources exclusively working on your project. Choose this model, if:

  • You have all the information, data and guidelines for the project, or
  • You want to enjoy low offshore billing advantage, or
  • You do not have sufficient space or resources at your development center, or
  • You want Fullestop to enhance features in no time

Advantages Of Working With StepsIndia


  • Our assets work dedicatedly on your venture
  • You get most ideal incentive for your cash
  • We just utilize named assets. Your contribution in asset choice is exceptionally valued and You may pick the venture chiefs, engineer, analyzers and business examiners according to your inclinations
  • We offer an underlying trial exercise to show our polished skill and working abilities