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Compliance has emerged because the main focus space for monetary corporations, and any lapses area unit severely fined.

Regulators expect monetary corporations to with efficiency manage risk and demonstrate that they need the systems, processes, and controls in situ to try to to thus.

However, monetary corporations struggle with siloed systems, disjointed workflows, and frequent human intervention—impeding the repeatability and effectiveness of the compliance processes and overall framework.

StepsIndia Solution

Global financial firms faced comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional regulation, which is why Compliance Heads need to ensure that:


  • Their organization is absolutely compliant to applicable regulation in any respect times
  • They can demonstrate all compliance to regulators effectively
  • They have clearly outlined plans for achieving compliance in presently non-compliant areas
  • The impact of any restrictive amendment to the compliance system is thought and acted upon in time


These instances will be best addressed with StepsIndia Enterprise regulative Compliance Management Framework (ERCMF), that offers associate end-to-end structured approach to contour compliance and scale back prices.