Steps India Technologies | Android App Development
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Android App Development


Don’t have an Android Application? Your business is facing loss. Read how and evaluate yourself.

Android phones take up 70% of the smartphones market and it is increasing day by day. With this much increase in the android phone users, android application is not a choice anymore, infact, it has become a necessity for any business. The internet Giant GOOGLE has itself revealed that the android has captured 88% market share. The fact is that this number is increasing by 1.1% every year. With these facts you can see that you are losing around 60% of your customer if you don’t have an android application.

We tend to use latest java programming based technologies along with Latest Android SDKs to implement customized android apps. We not only develop them but carefully optimize and maintain your application to give you the best experience.

We have experts from all leading technologies used for the development of the mobile apps. we have professionals for all technologies to meet all types of requirements. We have development, quality assurance, R&D, designing, and management teams which together work for projects. Our work is systematic and we allow client also to check development time to time so that output should be exact.


In the beginning of project, everything seems to be right but with time things change so it would be better if we get aware of all the things in advance. If you want to make app successful then development and marketing are two key things. No matter, how good developer anybody is, developer must be aware of the pitfalls. Let us go through some common mistakes which app developers often do:


  • It has been seen that people often want too many features in their application, which is totally a wrong approach. If you go for a check then one thing is clear that most of the apps fail either because of improper marketing or complexities, which come because of overloaded features. A user always look for app that should be easy to operate and understand so simplicity is the best rather than any complex one.
  • Stick to one platform to avoid future problems. This is wrong approach to use multiple platforms in one go because in  future if you want to do any change then you will have to face problems and over cost too.
  • User experience is the key of success, if developer is not focusing on this aspect then such an app will be not worth to investment because by the end of all users’ experience matters.
  • Developer should leave room for updates in the application with update of operating system. It has been seen that many apps go incompatible with up gradation of mobile operating system. While developing app this thing must be taken into consideration.
  • Making money out of app is a difficult task because of competition nowadays. Few years back, it was quite easy to use  advertisements as earning source but nowadays things have changed and there is less room for new apps. First plan,  how you are going to popularize your app then go ahead; otherwise it will be a failure.
  • Improper or no analysis of performance: any good tool should be used to analyze traffic and their behavior on the app    so that there should be proper monitoring of the application. If you any analytics tool then you would be able to monitor active users, downloads, users behavior etc.

It should be noted that there are many cross platform app development technologies, it is suggested that you should ask company to use such platforms. Let us discuss few cross platforms technologies so that you can ask next time when you visit app development Company:


  • Phone Gap: this platform is quite easy to use for those who are new in programming. Good knowledge of HTML, CSS and Scripts can do the trick for you. This is an open source platform so cost automatically gets low. While development, if plugins don’t get available then it need to be created manually. Too much graphics are not suggested for this platform.
  • Titanium: this platform offers flexible app development without much hassle. HTML, CSS, JScripts are mainly used but there are some inbuilt things also available. Asynchronous modules are supported by this platform, which brings ease for development process.
  • Adobe Air: this is one of the most popular development platform for new generation apps. When it comes to best possible user interface and high definition games and videos and this platform should be opted.



Finally we would like to suggest that app development may get wrong if you proceed without planning. You should do all possible research and then go ahead for the app because planning is vital.


Bug-Free Apps

With your project in the safe hands of our android developer team, you need not to worry about bugs and recent updates. We make sure to give Full Value to our client for their idea and money.

Latest Development Tools

Old technology is a NO-GO at StepsIndia. We make sure that our team has access to the resources of Latest technology. And that is another reason to hire our team for your project.

Rapid Build Up

On time delivery of the project with 100% satisfaction of our client is what matters for us. And we do it with perfection and co-ordination with the client.

Planned Evaluation

Nobody wants to regret later. That’s why we consult our team and provide evaluation of their idea. In this way, you can ensure where and why your idea and money is being used.

Dedicated Developers

We have dedicated mobile app developers for every individual project according to the client work. These developers ensure that in no way, your project get delay or suffer at the last moment.

Adaptable To Changes

With Google changing “Playstore” policies and technology, we strive hard to get along with them. Our team of android developers is always keen to go step by step with the changes.