Steps India Technologies | Agriculture
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Renew and create new value for your agriculture enterprise

The agriculture enterprise wishes to deal with food security inside the context of constrained herbal sources – arable land and clean water. in addition, agriculture organizations need to cater to various meals conduct of a growing population whilst adopting sustainable cultivation practices.


The StepsIndia Agriculture practice helps the community of farmers embody technology to growth crop yield, mitigate dangers of successive harvests and rationalize operational fees. We combine actual-time information from internet of things (IoT) gadgets, wireless sensors, geospatial structures, and weather stations to reply to dynamics of soil, moisture and crop throughout plantations. Our clinical farming method maximizes profitability of herds by means of optimizing veterinary care.


Our mobility solutions integrate geospatial imagery and statistics for smart agriculture, farm animals control and logistics. our artificial intelligence-based predictive analytics platform, combines massive facts with device mastering abilties to expect animal illness, crop stress and breakdown of farm system. It helps targeted programs and variable tariffs to maximize fee consistent with acre.

How StepsIndia renews your agriculture enterprise

Your agriculture employer can boom crop yield and make sure sustainable operations with superior animal husbandry, making plans, manufacturing, harvesting, and post-harvest control strategies.


The StepsIndia’s Agriculture practice connects the dots between on-discipline information and enterprise insights of the farming atmosphere to convert operations across the agriculture lifecycle. Our advanced programs combine reference facts, analytics and recommendation algorithms to determine the feasibility of plants / animals vis-à-vis climatic situations, soil nutrients and price of interventions required to gain expected output.


We authenticate discipline statistics to make sure traceability throughout the rural deliver chain. Our agro-ecological mapping gear process data of soil moisture, daylight, rainfall, soil fertility, humidity, pests, and weeds to force crop management. Our sustainability solutions enhance yield to seed ratio, garage and distribution services minimize food waste, and herd management structures support regulatory compliance.